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August 2nd

Wharton American Legion
99 North Main Street, Wharton NJ
Bell Time 8PM


August 3rd
Warren County Fair


August 4th
Private Party


September 6th

Wharton American Legion
99 North Main Street, Wharton NJ
Bell Time 8PM

  1. Bryan says:

    Do you know the roster for the Oct 1st show yet. Any details?

  2. brian hopkins says:

    my boy BIG RIG keep on truckin’!!!!

  3. Brian Hopkins clearly has poor taste in wrestlers.

  4. And as it turns out, Mr. Hopkins will see his favorite, young Mr. Mullins, fall to the emerging dynasty that is William Alexander Samuel Palmer.

  5. Derek says:

    Whats the Oct 6th card in Hackettstown?

  6. Rocco says:


    On behalf of Lowe’s and myself, I would like to thank you and your wrestlers, refs, and announcer for making this Community Day the most popular in the 6 years we’ve been doing it. The wrestling was great, the interaction with the crowd was outstanding, and already we’re getting calls about D2W for next year.

    As a matter of fact, the most calls we received regarding Community Day was who was going to be on the card, and having the Illusionist there was great for Hackettstown.

    Thank you again, and it was a pleasure for Lowes to help spread the word for D2W, and I hope it gets you the recognition you deserve.

  7. Sandra says:

    I cannot wait until Feb.1st.I had such a blast at my birthday party this month,as I do every month at d2w.Looking forward to seeing all my favorites,and the ones I call friends.

    d2w Rocks!

  8. David Van Orden says:

    Looking forward to coming down for the Aug. 2nd Show

  9. Kim Carlton says:

    Can’t wait for you guys to be here again! Make sure your guys know the 8th Annual Pig Roast follows the wrestling, they are all welcome to stay and PARTY!!!!!!

  10. Jim Kouri says:

    Wow, you guys will be in my town on August 5. How cool is that!!!

  11. Sandi says:

    Hey Guys,
    Well we are excited and gearing up for this year’s Festival In The Borough. Can’t wait to see you guys on September 7 at 1 pm.
    Can you please send us some high resolution photos for our poster.
    Thank you,
    Washington Business Improvement District

  12. Anonymous says: