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D2W Professional Wrestling


D2W Professional Wrestling is now accepting applications for new talent, we are currently looking for:

– Wrestlers
– Tagteams
– Female Wrestlers
– Valet’s
– Referee’s

If you are interested in becoming part of our show, please submit your personal information directly to D2W at

We are accepting, resumes, photos and/or videos. — Thank you & we look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Mark Maire says:

    Do you have DVDs of any D2W shows for sale?

  2. bill robson says:

    will bright lights jarrret foster be a regular in your wrestling league?

    • BRIGHT LIGHTS JF says:

      Not only will I be a regular…. Im the future of the D2W!!! Check it out every first friday of the month! Youll see!

  3. Stevie Sterling says:

    Hope everyone is ready for The Jersey JEWEL and Gods Gift to finally take those tag titles off of The wanna be Jersey Devil and the sad loser that is going to be his partner!

  4. Bob Wanagiel says:

    Great show in Secaucus saturday!Deonna and Robbie E were outstanding,…hi-lites of the show and stars of the evening!Thanks too, for still putting on the show despite the snowstorm!

  5. christine says:

    How do I get tickets for July 25th at the warren county fair?